About Amber IT shared hosting

We at Amber IT know, that there are many good offers in the global hosting market, but we would like to introduce you why we are different from other hosting providers.

Our company has experienced System Administrators and DevOps personal, that have configured our servers with high-quality standards including quality, stability, functionality, and security. Our belief is that every website should be accessible at 99.9%. Therefore we have automated several processes that not only monitor our servers but also monitor client services.

Let’s take a look at some of the things, that we monitor.

Our servers are monitored from 4 different locations (Germany, Poland, Latvia, and Sweden). The monitoring system is sensitive and once there are some technical problems, our support team is alerted by 3 different methods, that continue every 10 minutes until the problem is resolved. Many well-known problems are fixed automatically so that the system just notify the support team and at the same time resolves the issue and after resolving sends a situation update to support. Our modern system is also created to monitor the client’s websites, so therefore your website is always monitored on status updates in case something happened to your website. As a result, we got notified about that and will take action accordingly resolving the issue even before the website visitors see the problem.

If you bought 3 services you get a personal manager, who can be contacted any time with hosting related issues or interest in upgrading your services so that you don’t need to be in the support queue. At Amber IT we believe in an individual approach to our clients. And since that, an individual and personal communication is a key to success for both ends. That is why we are providing our services with a personal attachment to it. 

Our team follows all European rules including GDPR and helps our clients follow them too. In case of any important changes in the EU IT-related regulations, we recheck our client websites if they meet the GDPR requirements. If they don’t we inform the clients about that. We also keep a track of the website if the problem is resolved. In many cases, we provide a service to fast resolve this issue so that our clients don’t get in trouble and get some unwanted fines.

Shared hosting backups.

We back up our servers every day, and the back-ups are encrypted and sent simultaneously to the several backup locations so we don’t have just one place where back-ups are kept. The backup archive contains the latest 7 day daily backups. At Amber IT we keep our client trusted data encrypted and protected.

Amber IT cares about challenges and always accept new ones. We can provide personal hosting solutions in case your project requires a specific approach. For instance, a large e-commerce system that is hosted on 2 or more servers. Also, we can set up a specific load balancing systems for websites with heavy traffic and high load. We continue to bring new tech and offers to our clients. At Amber IT we can cover your system and website with all needed services and also offer different approaches that would be more efficient for your systems and hosting, which would also decrease your cost of services.

So, if you looking for a hosting solution that cares about your website and you as a client place an order or contact us. But if you still thinking, you can try our services for free for 7 days (The test servers are separate servers from shared hosting servers since we care about our client date and shared service rating to be the highest).

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