How to setup Docker Swarm on Centos 7

Docker offers 3 types of cluster systems Kubernetes (Developed by Google) and Docker Swarm (Developed by Docker). Yes, there is a difference between both cluster systems, of course, there is the third one developed by Redhat what is purchasable ( Openshift ) witch also is very powerful and resourceful. But this time I’m creating a tutorial on Docker Swarm. I have played with both Kubernetes and Swarm and I prefer Swarm over Kubernetes. Of course, others might have a different opinion on this matter and everyone works with the soft that is comfortable for himself. I guess that I like Swarm more since it's much closer to Docker. Kubernetes is also awesome but they have removed many Docker commands replacing them with KUBECTL and so on and one. I’m sure that maybe in the future when I will have some more time I will create a tutorial or tutorials about Kubernetes and Openshift also. But…

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