How to create a Mail Account and configure auto-reply, spam control

The mail service enables Internet users to send email messages to each other. We at www.amberit.eu can host your email and provide the function you need to function as your mail server. It also enables you to create mail accounts and manage them, including performing a number of common mail-related operations. Such operations include changing the password for a mail account, enabling automatic replies, forwarding messages, creating mail alias, and so on. 1.You would need to login into our hosting control panel ( If you are our customer, then the login link and credentials you already have received in your email, but if you are a new customer who is planning to order our services, then you will receive credentials upon order and 1 made payment) 2. To create a email account, go to Mail > Create Email Address.   3. Let's enter the desired email name, that we will be using from what to…

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