How to Back Up Your Website

It is always recommended to keep a backup copy of your websites in case their configuration or content becomes damaged or lost. Amber IT is providing a 7 Day backup to all our shared hosting client data, That includes website files, MySQL databases, e-mails, This backup is encrypted therefore it takes a longer time to backup your data, but safety and security come first. After our system has finished performing a backup of your host it automatically generates a 48 character long key for the encrypted backup, the key is used for our system to restore the backup, therefore the backup cannot be restored on a different system. All encrypted backups are stored in 4 different locations on different backup servers, which also are encrypted, and using modern technology backup solutions, the connection between servers is also encrypted and allowed access is only from specific IP addresses and specific SSH keys, that also have 25…

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How to Change Your Password and Log Out

If you are our web hosting customer, it is likely that the password you use to log in to our hosting control panel was sent by our system automatically on your e-mail once you have ordered and paid for your service. To change it, hover your mouse pointer over your user name located at the top of the page and click Edit Profile. Now that we have performed all the desired tasks, it is time to log out of our hosting control panel. Hover your mouse pointer over your user name located at the top of the page and click Log out. If you need some assistance, please feel free to contact our support team and we will help you. If you have forgotten or lost your password. Then also please open a ticket using our self-service system or write an e-mail to amberit@amberit.eu and our team will help you.

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Overview of our hosting web Interface

Our web hosting customers can easily perform a wide variety of tasks using a robust and easy to use web interface. It includes all the necessary tools to create and manage websites, mailboxes, databases, and so on. Let us take a look at a screenshot displaying our chosen self-service web interface and examine how various tools are arranged there: This section displays the name of the user who is currently logged in and the currently selected subscription. The user can change the properties of their user account and choose what subscription they want to manage. This section contains the Help menu. The Help menu lets users access a context-sensitive online guide and watch video tutorials. This section features the Search field. This section holds the navigation pane with various items that help organize the Amber IT interface. Tools are grouped by function, for example, the tools enabling users to manage web hosting settings are found…

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How to Schedule a Task

Sometimes, some scripts or WordPress requires an automatic task to be performed. On www.amberit.eu shared web hosting you can schedule these tasks to be automated. With the modern technology that we provide, you can also set automatic notifications via e-mail if a task has run and what is the status, also there is an option that you can create an e-mail notification when the task has failed so that you know and can resolve the issues. To schedule an automatic task: 1.You need to have an active Amber IT shared hosting if you don't have one no worries you can order one and after the 1 payment is received you will automatically get access to our shared hosting control panel. If you make a payment via PayPal or Credit card the hosting is activated in 5-10 minutes. 2.To created or see scheduled tasks for a subscription, go to Websites & Domains > Scheduled Tasks. For…

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