SSL Installation instructions

How to install an SSL certificate on Node.js

Once a CSR code is generated and the certificate is issued, the codes with your domain certificate and CA bundle will be emailed to you by Certificate Authority, or you can download them from Amber IT The installation implies performing 2 steps: uploading the required files to a needed directory on a server and creating an HTTPS server in node.js environment. The main idea of node.js is creating an endpoint asynchronous server (something like a responder) in the command-line interface. Thus, your server code should be corrected with the following lines: var https = require(‘https’); var fs = require(‘fs’); var options = { key: fs.readFileSync(‘/path/to/private.key’), cert: fs.readFileSync(‘/path/to/certificate.crt’), ca: fs.readFileSync (‘/path/to/’) }; https.createServer(options, function (req, res) { where: /path/to/ – full path to the uploaded .ca-bundle file /path/to/private.key – full path to your private key generated along with CSR and stored on the server /path/to/certificate.crt – full path to the end-entity certificate. Note that a hostname…

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Instruction on how to install an SSL certificate on Google Cloud Platform

After you have purchased an SSL certificate you will need to activate it and once your certificate passed the activation, validation and was issued by the Certificate Authority, you can proceed with the installation steps. SSL certificate installation for your Google Cloud application can be performed in a few steps: –    Download the archive with the certificate files from your Amber IT account or from the email sent to you from the Certificate Authority. (The ZIP archive will contain yourdomain.crt, yourdomain.p7b, and files. Only yourdomain.crt and files have to be used during the installation). Sign into your Google Cloud account Navigate to Products & services >> App Engine: Open Settings in the App Engine menu and click on the SSL certificates tab on the next page: Upload a new certificate is an option that we are looking for. It will open the Add a new SSL certificate menu upon a click. The next…

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