Cloudflare solutions to increase your website Performance and Security

When the global internet was developed nobody was thinking about its security and what in the end it can become. For an internet user, not an IT specialist internet browsing looks safe, but most people don’t know what is happening behind all what they see when they enter the website, how companies are fighting against hackers, how companies are trying to balance the load and how companies are working hard to protect website visitors data and to protect the visitor from getting some malware. Also, many website owners, developers, system administrators, and SEO teams are working hand in hand to speed up their company website, so that google better indexes it and provides better SEO rating and at the same time for visitors to load the website much faster.

The website load speed is very important since nowadays we all have fast devices and don’t want to wait for the information to be loaded. So at this point, it is very important that the website loads fast is secure, and also always online. Let’s imagine a situation when you own e-commerce were at the same time are 400 users online, but your server is overloaded since from the 400 users 100 are bots that are wasting your resources and for the 300 users your website starts to work slowly and at the same time your real visitors are experiencing slow performance what causes you to lose purchases and at the same time profit. Another good scenario is a situation when you have visitors online, but your server has technical issues or your hosting provider is having problems. In this, both use cases and many more Cloudflare services can cover you and provide not only Safety, Uptime, Load balancing, bot filtering, and lower usage of your resources.

By reading all the above there should be a possibility that you have a question, how does Cloudflare work? By clicking here you will find out how the Cloudflare system works.

Daily internet users don’t know half of what is happening in the global network. How bad guys are creating false e-commerce stores, how bad guys are using IP cameras, Wi-Fi devices, Smart devices to send DDOS attacks. That behind the beautiful functional picture called the internet is a mess and digital war going 24/7.

We at Amber IT believe that the internet should be safer then it is at the moment, so as a company that provides IT services to businesses worldwide, we also are trying to help heal the global networking problem, with our knowledge, gained experience with Cloudflare can help your website to become much safer, faster, secure, stable and always reachable for real human beans and good bots, not the bad ones. Feel free to contact us for the best solution for your website.

Many large leading companies have trusted their websites to Cloudflare solution since they have seen the benefit that has increased their SEO rating, web Sales, web Stability, web Speed, and also web security. Cloudflare’s solution portfolio is growing very fast. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can improve your website today.