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Digitālais Birojs

Kā savienot digitālā biroja failu sinhronizāciju ar Windows sistēmu

Installation on  Windows is the same as for any software application: download the program from our website [ click here ] and then double-click it to launch the installation, and then follow the installation wizard. After it is installed and configured the sync client software will automatically keep itself updated. Minimal Windows required version is Windows 7. Starting from Windows 7 all versions are supported. To Download the Windows-based software Click Here Run the Installer click on it. It will show you a screen like in the picture below. Click on "Next >" Button.   4. It will now ask what to install we leave all default so click "Next >" as shown in the picture below.   5. When that is done, the installer will ask you where do you want to install the software in what folder, we leave it as it and click "Install"   6. When all the above is done,…

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