Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

price€ 88.88

brends Comodo

number of domains 3

piemērots priekš E-commerce

apstiprināšana Organization

zaļā josla red

dokumentu parakstīšana green

aizskargā or

vietējie domēni red

telefona atbalsts green

apdrošināšana 250.000$

pārlūku atbalsts 99.9%

atkārtota izsniegšana Free, unlimited

atcslēgas garums 2048 - 4096-bit

Šifrēšana up to 256-bit

Hello, I’m Comodo Multi-Domain SSL. I’m a business validated certificate that supports multiple hosts. I’m perfectly suitable for MS Exchange and nearly identical to Unified Communications, Comodo’s other multi-domain certificate (pick the one with the name you like best). In either case, Comodo verifies your legal identity, and your company name will be present in cert details. If MS Exchange is the only thing you need, you can also consider PremiumSSL Wildcard. However, there is a known connectivity issue at Microsoft’s end which can be resolved, but it requires more effort than a painless multi-domain SSL installation.

Business validation takes up to 2 business days, starting from the day you submit an activation request. Comodo checks if your company name is registered with the appropriate Government Registration Agency in the country or state you apply from. The company’s phone number will be obtained via “third-party” public telephone listing, thus must be current. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive the verification call from Comodo, and they may require additional paperwork for you to prove your identity. If the publicly available contact information is outdated, update it yourself before activating the certificate, or notify Comodo and they’ll help figure it out. The domain name must be registered to your organization’s legal name in a publicly viewable WHOIS search, and the address on WHOIS must match the one in CSR.

Multi-Domain SSL’s encryption level falls into the range of 40- to 256-bit. As you probably know, 40-bit keys are obsolete. So what you get is 128- to 256-bit encryption. Most devices operate at 128-bit. 256-bit can be achieved, but it’s mainly out of your control as it’s defined by your end user’s settings and your host’s server. Eat a muffin and cheer up—128-bit is quite secure, according to modern security standards.

You should receive a renewal notice 30 days before expiration. Please keep your email up-to-date so we can reach you.