We have published a tutorial and created automatic install script for Redis on Centos 7

Amber IT is an IT outsourcing company, that provides several IT services with high quality, stability, security and also we aim to provide modern automated systems for our clients. For that reason, on our new website, we are creating tutorials so that our clients and other internet users don't need to manually copy and paste the commands when they want to install the specific installation, so we also provide our automation scripts created using DevOps language. With our scripts, you can save your time. For our clients please don't forget, that this automation doesn't change our support it is still available 24/7 in case of need, we won't change our support to some bots or other digital solutions, to provide you with the best experience we will continue to provide 24/7 real human support.

With that all said here you can find our latest automation script on installing Redis:

Tutorial: https://www.amberit.eu/k1/centos-7-install-redis-cache/
Script on our hosted GIT: https://www.amberit.in/linux-scripts/centos-7-install-redis
Script on GitHub: https://github.com/rpdataSIA/Centos-amberit.eu-redis