Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hosting solutions

Amber IT is introducing Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)! Powerful instances with quick provisioning were the #1 feature request from our customers. It’s a perfect combination of dedicated physical CPU cores and quick provisioning.

The Power Of A Dedicated Server Provisioned As Quickly As A VPS

With a Virtual Dedicated Server, you get dedicated computing power in the form of dedicated physical CPU cores, which aren’t shared with anyone else, thus there are no noisy neighbors and no one can impact even the most demanding workflow. Additionally, quick provisioning makes these powerful instances available within minutes, not days.


Furthermore, our new VDS series has been specifically optimized for memory-intensive applications such as databases. The 1:8 CPU core to RAM ratio and 100% NVMe SSD storage ensures high performance for all the applications you run on your VDS.

Best-in-class CPU

When choosing a CPU for Virtual Dedicated Servers we wanted to offer as much computing power as possible for as little as possible. That’s why we have chosen AMD EPYC 7282 CPU.

Nested Virtualization

With our new VDS, you can host your own virtual machines. We know that lack of this possibility for VPS has been a concern for many of you, so we have configured Virtual Dedicated Servers in a way that enables nested virtualization!

Dedicated Bandwidth

It’s not only CPU cores and RAM which can be dedicated. You can also order dedicated bandwidth for each of your Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Additional Storage

Should you need more space on your VDS, you can order up to 2 additional disks with up to 4 TB space each!

Equipped with 100% NVMe SSDs, dedicated physical cores, and a sizable amount of RAM our Virtual Dedicated Servers are instantly available for heavy lifting without “breaking a sweat”. Here’s the full Virtual Dedicated Server product line presentation.