EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

price€ 216.88

brand Comodo

number of domains 3

подходит для Business

валидация Extended

гринбар green

оформление документации green

защищает www.site.com or site.com

локальные домены red

мобильная поддержка green

гарантия 1.750.000$

поддержка браузера 99.9%

переиздания Free, unlimited

длина ключа 2048 - 4096-bit

шифрование up to 256-bit

Now you can go beyond simply securing 3-100 fully qualified websites with one certificate. You can also give each and every one the highest level of security available with a Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL. That’s right. The famous green bar can shine out for all to see, across all your sites! Every part of your digital real estate can be covered.

Is an EV Multi-Domain SSL Right for Me?

Do you regularly sell products or take digital payments across multiple websites? Then a Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL should be right for you. These are the types of organization that typically qualify:

  • General partnerships
  • Incorporated companies
  • Unincorporated associations
  • Sole traders
  • DBAs
  • Government agencies
  • Limited liability (LTD) companies
  • Incorporated companies

If you want your Multi-Domain SSL Certificate extended across all of your websites, then this particular SSL is the perfect fit. It’s just what you need for numerous projects with dedicated websites and/or MS Exchange services.

Secure More Customers

The make-or-break moment of every sale is whether site visitors feel confident enough to become customers. You may well be an established and respected company, but newbies will still need proof. When visitors type in your website’s address, they instantly see a green bar and your company name next to it. It’s a relief for them and actual profit for you. 90% of consumers have canceled a transaction because of security concerns. Whereas 97% feel safer on websites with an EV certificate – and all of your websites will have one.


Your EV Multi-Domain SSL will be issued within 10 business days. You might say that’s quite some time, but it’s also quite some payoff. After that, you will have all your websites encrypted with one single certificate. This will dramatically cut the cost of purchasing separate certificates, and also cut the hassle of renewing and managing all those separate SSLs too. You will be free to focus more time on growing your business, and even adding more sites as you grow.