EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate

price€ 80.88

brand Comodo

number of domains 1 + all subdomains

great for E-commerce

validation Domain

greenbar red

paperwork red

secures +

local domains red

mobile support green

warranty 10.000$

browser support 99.9%

reissues Free, unlimited

key length 2048 - 4096-bit

encryption up to 256-bit

10EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate is a good choice for e-commerce newcomers with subdomains.

Having a Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard is perfect wherever subdomains are involved. It will secure both your main website and all your subdomains in one simple certificate. You can show every visitor, to every part of your online estate, that you take their security seriously – with the address bar padlock. Plus, you get extra simplicity and savings along the way.

Is a Comodo Essential WildCard right for me?

It’s ideal for e-commerce newcomers with subdomains. This is especially true if you own a small business and don’t yet feel the need to be legally verified as a company. Be it a blog platform with dedicated blog addresses for each user, or hosting service with FTP and mail access, you need a dedicated SSL for each host.

Just one Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard has you covered. There are no limits to the number of subdomains you can secure, and it’s all backed by rock-solid encryption.

It’s a good plan to get an Essential SSL Wildcard Certificate instead of Positive SSL Wildcard if you have an e-commerce website that deals with small to medium sales transactions. It has more assurance (scans behind the scenes) so there’s added peace of mind. But if you’re handling large volumes of sales, you’ll want to look at an Organization Validated Wildcard SSL Certificate for more muscle.

Save big with your WildCard Certificate

Buying several certificates will be more expensive than one Essential SSL Wildcard, and more of a headache too. You will need to install each of them separately and take responsibility for their timely renewals. With a Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard, it’s all covered in one cost-saving service.

Even if you don’t currently have any subdomains, but you are planning to soon, it’s worth thinking ahead. An Essential WildCard SSL. Will save you time and money later on. Covering your online portfolio as your business grows.


An Essential Wildcard SSL Certificate from Comodo can be issued in a snap. There is no paperwork. Just peace of mind for you and your customers no matter which of your subdomains they visit. You’ll be getting the best SSL encryption available. Plus, everything is backed by our 15-day refund period and a $10,000 warranty. So it’s also super simple to change your mind – not that you will want to, what’s not to love with the Essential Wild Card Certificate?

WHY Amber IT?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Wildcard Certificate price tag than ours. And we’re partnered with Comodo, who lead the way when it comes to SSL technology. You get total savings matched with total quality across the board. Their Essential Wildcard SSL Certificates have every feature e-commerce newcomers could want or need. Every compliance regulation. Every security standard. All sorted and up to date.

Your Wild Card Certificate comes with the strongest SSL encryption available.


As soon as you buy Wildcard Certificate you’ll get a Welcome email from us with links to activation steps. But first, you’ll need your Domain Validation. It takes just 5 to 15 minutes.

The Certificate Authority will email you to set up the Certificate Signing Request. They’ll check the domain belongs to you through the WhoIS public registry. Or, if you’ve gone private, they can email you using any of these addresses: Admin@, Administrator@, Hostmaster@, Postmaster@, or webmaster@. So if you’re looking for a fast Certificate, Wildcard Essential won’t disappoint.