Domain frauds

We would like to inform our existing and also new clients, that there are domain frauds, that are sending e-mails to clients, to activate or to pay for their domain extension ASAP.

If you have received such an e-mail please ignore it. If you have purchased a domain name with Amber IT then only we will send you the information about your domain expiration and also about your domain payments.

Also, all invoices will be visible only on our not on any other site.

The domain fraud bots are taking contact information from the client websites ( Most client websites are containing phone numbers and e-mail or have a contact form what they are using ).

This is a standard schema now on how to get your money, so if you have received this kind of e-mail from someone ignore it and don't make any payments if you host services with us then you will receive the only a link to our system where will be invoice after login. ( Before making payments check if you are in our system since websites also can be copied. Pay attention if you received SMS from our number when logging in and if the link is correct.)