EssentialSSL certificate

price€ 14.88

бренд Comodo

number of domains 1

чудово для E-commerce

перевірка Domain

грінбар red

oформлення документів red

secures +

локальні домени red

мобільна підтримка green

гарантія 10.000$

підтримка браузера 99.9%

перевидання Free, unlimited

довжина ключа 2048 - 4096-bit

шифрування up to 256-bit

The EssentialSSL certificate is an Affordable “no green bar” e-commerce certificate.

These SSL certificates are the cost-effective, efficient, and easy way to secure your website. They may be missing the green URL bar, but they still come packed with rock-solid security features ideal for smaller or startup e-commerce ventures. These include the padlock that your customers both look for and demand. You can be secure minutes, leaving site visitors to browse, sign up and purchase with complete confidence.

Is a Comodo Essential SSL Right for Me?

You could have a small online shop you’ve recently launched or your own digital space with video tutorials for a small fee. If people perform online transactions on your website, an SSL certificate is a must. The medium assurance Comodo Essential SSL Certificate is specially designed for those e-commerce folks who don’t have a big budget yet, or don’t want to invest much in the early stages. They’re quick, simple but backed by all the encryption and reliability you could need as a smaller online business.

Make security simple

You should be focusing on what really matters: making satisfied customers and growing your online business. That’s what makes this such an Essential SSL Certificate. There is no paperwork and no fuss. You will simply be secure within 5 -15 minutes, as soon as you confirm that you own a domain. Plus, you can bypass the risk of changing your mind. That’s because the Comodo Essential SSL comes with our 15-day refund period, and is backed by a $10,000 warranty. It’s ideal for digital businesses that is really going places, and don’t want any waiting time or admin. Just get secure, and get growing.


You’re not just getting essential SSL security when you purchase your Comodo certificate from us. You’re also getting unparalleled customer support. We’re dedicated to making our customers happy, and our support services stand out across the industry. You will get all the support you need every step of the way. This includes our mobile support service, for entrepreneurs on the move.


Comodo is a name that signals trust right across the website hosting and security world, and beyond. This Essential SSL Certificate is trusted by 99.9% of internet users. That means just about everyone who visits your site will see your business can be trusted. Every last ‘bit’ of their information is encrypted and safe.

Matching this technical wizardry with our dedicated support means your business and security are totally covered with a Comodo Essential SSL Certificate