EV SSL Certificate

price€ 120.88

бренд Comodo

number of domains 1

чудово для Ecommerce

перевірка Extended

грінбар green

oформлення документів green

secures www.site.com + site.com

локальні домени red

мобільна підтримка green

гарантія 1.750.000$

підтримка браузера 99.9%

перевидання Free, unlimited

довжина ключа 2048 - 4096-bit

шифрування up to 256-bit

EV SSL is The most affordable green bar certificate

Set your website security to the maximum with a Comodo EV SSL. The EV stands for Extended Validation, which means you’re getting the highest standard of SSL available on the planet. You also get to show your security off to every customer with the famous green browser bar. They can see that every last bit of their data or payment is safe and that you’re the kind of business that leaves nothing to chance.

Is a Comodo EV Certificate Right for Me?

If you sell products or take digital payments on a regular basis, a Comodo EV SSL Certificate should be perfect for you. This type of high-level security is, however, reserved for certain types of organizations, so please make sure you qualify for an EV SSL Certificate. These organizations include:

  • Sole traders
  • General partnerships
  • Unincorporated associations
  • DBAs
  • Government agencies
  • Incorporated companies
  • Limited liability (LTD) companies

Getting an EV SSL means your company name must be registered with the appropriate Government Registration Agency in the country or state you apply from. That’s because there is a strict validation process, as you would expect for the highest form of website security possible.


After you buy an EV SSL Certificate it takes up to 10 business days (or sometimes longer) to go through the Certificate Authority checks. That’s not as fast as other SSL Certificates, but we are talking very serious levels of security, and that’s what’s most important. Your company must also have been registered and in existence for longer than 3 years, otherwise extra paperwork may be needed. But when it’s over, you will know your customers can purchase with confidence, and you won’t lose out of vital payments or business.


You’re getting a cheap EV SSL when you think about the fact that studies show consumers abandon their shopping carts if a site seems unsafe – 90% of consumers have canceled a transaction because of security concerns. Whereas 97% feel safer on websites with an EV certificate.

A Comodo EV SSL certificate solves this issue in a very obvious way: the green bar and company name in the browser address bar. Visitors can instantly see that their data and payments are safe. This makes Comodo EV more than just website security or green bar encryption that’s cheap. EV SSL is an investment in your future – growing trust, and your organization’s reputation online.


You’ll find we’re hard to beat when hunting the market for the cheapest EV SSL. And when you want the top level of security, you also want it delivered by top online security service s. We’re partnered with Comodo, one of the largest SSL certificate providers in the world. They are constantly at the forefront of SSL encryption, staying up to date with every regulation, code, and guideline out there.

So that means we can blow our horns by saying we’re one of the cheapest EV SSL Certificates PLUS the most reliable quality you’ll find. That’s a slam dunk in our books.

Activation & Validation Checks

The EV SSL Certificate price varies depending on whether you want one or two year cover. Once you go through checkout, we’ll send you an SSL Certificate EV Welcome email with links to activation steps.

But before that happens, here’s a summary of the Certificate Authority checks. They’ll:

1. Make sure you’re a legal entity, registered officially e.g. LLC (US), Ltd. (UK), Pty. Ltd. (AUS), GmbH (Germany).

2. Verify you have a legitimate place of business that will be included in your EV Certificate i.e. your listed physical address is not a mail drop, P.O. box, or third party address.

3. Call you using your publicly listed phone number to make sure it’s active. And the person who signs the SSL contract must be a full-time employee.

4. Verify your operational existence, meaning a check into official records confirming your business is financially and commercially active.