PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate

price€ 26.88

бренд Comodo

number of domains 3

чудово для E-commerce

перевірка Domain

грінбар red

oформлення документів red

secures www.site.com or site.com

локальні домени red

мобільна підтримка green

гарантія 10.000$

підтримка браузера 99.9%

перевидання Free, unlimited

довжина ключа 2048 - 4096-bit

шифрування up to 256-bit

The PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate is a Perfect for multiple hosts and a must for MS Exchange.

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain is a perfect fit for your many projects with dedicated websites: Photo stock, online code academy, a food blog with 101 cookie recipes. Basically anywhere where multiple hosts are involved and company legal verification is excessive. Speaking of multiple hosts, PositiveSSL Multi-Domain will do fine for MS Exchange. You can also consider a PositiveSSL Wildcard since MS Exchange uses subdomains for its services. However, keep in mind there is a known connectivity issue with wildcards at Microsoft’s end at this time, so a multi-domain SSL might be a better pick.

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain isn’t into fancy validation, and you can get it almost on the go (well, to be completely honest, it’s 5-15 minutes as soon as you activate your cert). Although, random orders may fall victim to an additional brand validation by Comodo for security reasons. In this case, you will get your SSL within an amount of time deemed necessary by Comodo — not our fault, gals, and guys.

While web security is the feature inherent to all SSL, its level differs from one cert to another. It actually ranges from conventional to “World Bank-CIA” safe. The feature that makes it vary is the length of the SSL key or encryption level. The larger the key, the more combinations it has, and the harder it is to decrypt. The exact encryption value of Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain falls into the 40- to the 256-bit range. This is defined by the age of the operating system or web browser your visitors use, and by the server configuration of your host. Modern browsers use 128- to 256-bit encryption. Ancient browsers (as in, 1995-style) may support 40-bit max.

We send renewal reminders 30 days before your SSL expiration date. Once you join the family, keep your account profile information up-to-date—this way, we will be always able to reach you.