PremiumSSL Certificate

price€ 70.88

бренд Comodo

number of domains 1

чудово для Business

перевірка Organization

грінбар red

oформлення документів green

secures +

локальні домени red

мобільна підтримка green

гарантія 250.000$

підтримка браузера 99.9%

перевидання Free, unlimited

довжина ключа 2048 - 4096-bit

шифрування up to 256-bit

This PremiumSSL Certificate is ideal for For school, legal entity, or public organization

Whether you represent a school, a legal entity, or a public organization, customer trust is key to success. A good way to earn this trust is to establish yourself as a legal company. Comodo verifies your company and attests that you’re the real deal by displaying your company name and address on the site seal and certificate they issue for you.

Comodo PremiumSSL is normally issued within 2 business days. Your business must be legally registered with the appropriate Government Registration Agency in the country or state you apply from. Make sure your company address and phone number match the ones in “third-party” public telephone listings, or you won’t be able to receive the verification call from Comodo and they may require additional paperwork for you to prove your identity. If you’ve moved or changed the phone number, notify Comodo as soon as you get their email with the list of paperwork they require and other dull but necessary instructions, and they’ll help you update it. The domain name must be registered to your organization’s legal name in a publicly viewable WHOIS search, and the address on WHOIS must match the one in CSR.

While web security is the feature that all SSLs share, encryption levels vary. The larger the key, the more unbreakable it is. PremiumSSL supports from 40-bit to 256-bit large keys. The exact value depends on the hardware/software combination the end-user owns. Modern browsers use 128- to 256-bit encryption; those that use 40-bit are ancient history now.

Don’t worry you’ll forget to renew your certificate — we send reminders 30 days prior to expiration. Please keep your email up-to-date so we can reach you.